Benefits of Microfinance in Africa’s Agricultural Industry

The continent of Africa is expected to growth significantly in the following decades in terms of both economy and population. The World Economic Forum has recorded the astronomical growth of African markets and outlined a very optimistic economic trajectory for many of its developing nations. A major reason why Africa […]

Talk is cheap. Yes, literally.

We’ve all heard the phrase talk is cheap, and in the microfinance sector, it is truly the case given the services we provide to our clients. Part of our mission at Kleinfin is to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement which requires turning someone’s vision into concrete reality. In […]

Our vision of Microfinance: Doing well by doing good

In the microfinance sector, many see organizations as having to choose between doing well and doing good. Doing well refers to the profitability of the enterprise which is sometimes seen as being in conflict with providing the clients with useful and affordable products. At Kleinfin we have discovered we can […]

Kleinfin now in Mutare – Emmtreb Partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with Emmtreb Investments. This is going to bring so much needed convenience to the people of Mutare. Emmtreb Investments is a company specializing in DSTV accessories and subscriptions. Their shop is located at 85 H. Chitepo, Main Street Mutare CBD. Our hope is […]