We’ve all heard the phrase talk is cheap, and in the microfinance sector, it is truly the case given the services we provide to our clients.

Part of our mission at Kleinfin is to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement which requires turning someone’s vision into concrete reality. In such a case, the idea may be brilliant but cheap since the person holding the idea lacks the means to turn it into reality. This is where financial products come into play to provide the holders of such ideas with the financing to bring them to reality. Our team also provides clients with advisory services which further equip them to actualize their vision.

On the client-side, talk is also cheap without action and execution to go with it. Many people talk about having great business ideas or great plans but few can actually turn them into action. Kleinfin is there to identify such clients who are able to turn their talk into results, particularly in our case financial results. Clients with a vision and the ability to convert what they say into material results are the businesses that our microfinance institution aims to assist with our SME products.

Although the talk is cheap, it is not worthless. Some of our clients don’t have sufficient collateral to take loans at other financial institutions, in which case their talk could be seen as worth nothing. At Kleinfin, although talk is cheap it is worth something and we are willing to hear any idea from current and potential clients and use our experience to judge if the idea is achievable.

This ability to evaluate talk and make it more valuable providing financing and guiding action is part of what makes Kleinfin unique. We aim to be the bridge between ambition and achievement, between talk and results. This is what makes us special.

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